How to Make Alexa Learn Your Voice

How to Make Alexa Learn Your Voice

Have you ever asked Alexa a question, and she gave you a completely unrelated answer? Or have you noticed that it’s a little tricky to make her understand what you’re saying? If you know how to make Alexa learn your voice, it will be easier for her to interact with you and give you personalized answers. You can even train Alexa to recognize different voices, and she will tailor her responses to each user individually.

How to Make Alexa Learn Your Voice

Here’s how to train Alexa to recognize your voice using the app:

Launch the Alexa app on your phone. Tap the menu button. This is the hamburger icon by the upper-left corner that looks like three horizontal lines.  Go to Settings. Then select Alexa Account.  Next, tap Recognized Voices.  Turn the Automatically Recognized Voices toggle on. You will know it is on if it is blue. It will be off if it is grey. In the same window, tap Your Voice. Tap BEGIN at the bottom of the next window. This will start your Alexa voice training. 

Alexa will then ask for your name. She will say 10 phrases and will ask you to repeat after her. When you finish, she will ask you to ask her a question to see if the voice training worked.

Tap Back when you finish Alexa voice prompts.  How to Train Alexa to Recognize Multiple Voices

If there is more than one Alexa user in your household, Alexa will also be able to learn their voices too. Have another user log in to their Amazon account and follow the same instructions above. 

By having multiple users undergo Alexa’s voice training, your digital voice assistant will be able to tailor answers to specific users.

She will know the kind of music you enjoy or the brand of paper towels your partner likes. When you want her to play music or order items off Amazon, she will know what to suggest according to your profile. 

Alexa Voice Training Requirements 

Before you start Alexa voice training, she will give you instructions on how to make the whole process more effective. Namely, within five minutes after pressing BEGIN, you will need to:

Mute other nearby devices. Make sure that you’re in a quiet place. Get within 1 to 5 feet of Alexa. Say, “Alexa, learn my voice.”  How to Check if your Alexa Voice Training Worked

Want to make sure your voice training with Alexa really worked? Ask her the following question: 

“Alexa, who am I?”

If the whole process went smoothly, she will answer by saying your name and what account you are using. 

Not only can you train Alexa to recognize your voice, you can also change her voice. Read up on our guide on how to change Alexa’s voice.

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